No. 77-2, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling.



Services Price Range
Dental Diagnostic
Consultation Rm0-50
Periapical or Bitewing Radiograph Rm30-60
Dental Panoramic or Lateral Cephalometrics Radiograph Rm150-200
Scaling and Air Polishing Rm120 and above
Polishing only Rm60-100
Root Planing (per quadrant) Rm500-600
Simple Gum Surgery Rm1000-1200
Complex Gum Surgery with Grafting materials Rm2500-2800
Temporary Rm60-120
Amalgam Rm80-150
Composite or GIC Rm120-350
Onlay or Inlay Rm400-800
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction Rm80-160
Complicated Extraction Rm200-500
Wisdom Tooth or Impacted Tooth Surgery Rm600 and above
Incision and Drainage Rm150-200
Management of Post Op Bleeding or Complication Rm150-200
Metal Braces Rm5500-7500
Self Ligating Braces Rm6500-8500
Ceramic Braces Rm6500 and above
Clear Aligners Call to ask
Crown and Bridge
Full Ceramic Rm1500-1800
Porcelain Fused to Metal Rm900-1300
Full Metal Rm800-1000
Post and Core (Metal, Fibre, Custom made) Rm450-600
Porcelain Veneer Rm1400-1800
Composite Veneer Rm550-750
Recementation of failed prosthesis Rm100-200
Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
Anteriors Rm600-800
Premolars Rm800-1000
Molars Rm1500-1800
Surgical Endodontics Rm1500 and above
Pulpotomy Rm200-300
Standard Implant Rm5000 and above
Bone Graft or Membrane Rm2500-3500
Mini Implant Rm2500 and above
Partial Acrylic Rm400-1200
Complete Acrylic Rm1600-1800
Partial Chrome Rm900-1700
Complete Chrome Rm2000-2200
Flexible Rm900 and above
Reline or Rebase Rm500 and above
Repair or Add Tooth to existing denture Rm100-150
Teeth Whitening
Ready Made HomeKit Rm600-800
Custom Made HomeKit Rm800-1000
In-office Package Rm1600-1800
Loose Removal of Exfoliating Deciduous Tooth Rm40-60
Night Guard Rm350-550
Retainers Rm250-450
Dental Report Rm150 and above


  • This dental services price (scale of fees) is for reference only, subjected to changes.
  • There are many factors such as technical difficulties, site, local factor, access, age, health factor and others which may influence the dental care management and treatment plans.
  • Thus, the dentist shall advise patient accordingly regarding the treatment fees. Call our clinic for more information.